Frequently Asked Questions

Communication. I always ask a lot of questions before we start a project. We want you to know we are really listening to your needs.

Systems. To ensure consistency we have systems in place to be sure the job is done right the first time.

We want you to be able to make a good decision so our free estimates include as much detail as possible so you can easily see how well we stack up against the competition. With almost 30 years of experience we can often anticipate potential issues up front so there are no “hidden costs” that take you by surprise at the end of the job.

Yes, we do. In addition, we will oil prime all new wood on all sides, including edges and board ends prior to replacing it. To the best of our knowledge, nobody else in town does this.

We have met people who have been burned by bad contractors and insist on being at home while work is being performed; we respect that position and will work within your comfort zone. We have also had customers who hand us a key to the house and say “see you next week when we return from vacation.” You will fit somewhere on that spectrum and we will work around whatever you are comfortable with.

We primarily stay in our lane, doing only drywall and painting services. However, we do have crews who are capable of framing walls, installing trim and hanging doors.

For other services outside our wheelhouse, we will be happy to refer you to trusted providers of services like electricians and plumbers.

Sure, you could swing by the local big box retail store and pick up a gallon of inexpensive paint. Unfortunately the low price paint will probably end up costing you more in the long run.

Typically these inexpensive paints contain a higher water content and fewer of the binders, polymers and additives (such as acrylic resins) that make for a high-quality coating. The finish is not as consistent in appearance. You often need an additional coat of paint for the same coverage and the cheaper paint will not stand up to cleaning over time.

We have long-standing relationships with paint vendors we trust to guide us in the use of the right products and applications. We are proud partners with Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore, both industry leaders and innovators of paint technology.

As they stay out front of the market with development of “Green Technology” products that offer low VOC (volatile organic compounds), low odor and superior color retention, Cornerstone will be there to make sure these products are made available to you.