We had needed to have drywall repairs done to correct many issues from previous work done in our home. For the quote Mike walked through our home and did a great job in understanding what we were trying to accomplish and the level of quality and detail we wanted to see. The quote process was very straightforward and clear as to time frames and work to be done. Will and Josh did a fantastic job of completing the work in a high quality manner. Not only did they do a great job of doing the work every day, but they also did a great job each day containing the mess and cleaning up on a daily basis. Drywall work is dusty and messy there is no getting around that. Will and Josh did everything they could to contain the dust and then cleaned up every day. This was a small detail that was very much appreciated by us. I’d highly recommend Cornerstone for any drywall and or painting work you need. I have already passed Mike’s information along to some neighbors.