Mike at Cornerstone was AWESOME! We have a custom mahogany exterior front door-sidelight-transom unit whose finish was deteriorating badly after just 3.5 years of being installed. Even though it was sheltered by an upper porch, the finish was eroding and the stain was bleaching out and turning a sickly green color. Mike came to look at the door and determined that the maker had used a water based stain and finish. After much research, Mike came up with an oil based stain and varnish that were highly durable and had high UV ratings. He meticulously stripped the old finish and stain, then repeatedly wiped down the door to remove all the previous residue. He then applied the new stain and 3 layers of varnish. We are thrilled with the project! It took us forever to find someone to do the work properly. Mike even contacted the maker of the door, confirmed what products were needed and stripped and refinished the door to a beautiful conclusion. We highly recommend Mike and Cornerstone. He was definitely the right guy for the job!