Mike and his team were all incredibly professional and did amazing work. We had done some demo in our home in order to put new cabinets in, and because of the age of the home and the many layers of plaster, the drywall work that needed to be done was not a huge area, but was incredibly difficult. Multiple other drywall companies didn’t want to take the job, but Mike took one look and said “That won’t be a problem.” In addition to the drywall, the painters got everything exactly right. We had been burned by painters in the past who put colors on the wrong walls, etc., and we were nervous that it would happen again. But we were very wrong! Not a single issue with paint location, and there were no drips or bleed onto other walls. I was expecting to pay a lot more for the amount of work that needed to be done, but it was reasonable and Mike gave me the estimate in person on the spot. If we ever need work done again, they’ll be my first call.