We’re renovating our kitchen and a bathroom in a 50’s ranch. We had torn down walls to the studs and had big holes in the ceiling from removed soffits. Cornerstone was the second Drywall company we contacted and their quote came in under the first bid, even though it included additional services such as painting the ceiling and didn’t require any additional prep work on our part. The work was tedious as it required using drywall of different thickness and double layers in some areas to accommodate new cabinets and tie into existing plaster walls and ceilings. To eliminate the issue of matching ceiling texture, Mike proposed skim coating the ceilings of linked rooms so that the ceiling texture was uniform. The drywall/painting team that began work on our project had a couple issues that marred the result of their hard work. The team seemed focused on speed of work instead of quality, with the result of some details being missed. Examples would be ceiling LED placement, wrong drywall thickness in a key area, and dings in the ceiling. These issues were identified by Mike during inspection and he immediately took over the project himself. Mike corrected each issue, replacing existing drywall where necessary and making multiple visits to ensure the work was done properly. Thanks Mike.