When Can We Start Painting Our Exterior?

Spring has officially arrived, and the phone is ringing with requests for exterior painting. Actually, we have been getting those calls for a while and I am just now setting up appointments to look at them. Here in Indianapolis, our exterior house painting season is somewhat flexible from the standpoint of when we can do […]

DIY Interior Painting Disasters

Please Don’t Try This At Home Let me make one thing perfectly clear up front.  I LOVE DIY projects and the folks who attempt to do them.  I am aware that this may sound like I am bashing them, and I am NOT.  OK, well, some of them; but even then, not really. Let’s face […]

What Happens to Frozen House Paint

Frozen House Paint?  Oh, That Can’t Be Good…. In the twenty years I have been in the house painting business, it amazes me the number of times I have run into paint cans stored in garages by folks who quite simply, have never been told NOT to.   For every person with an opinion, you will […]