Other Services

What other services does Cornerstone Painting & Drywall offer?

We are a full service provider of all things related to the residential painting market.

 Signature Finish:

Would you like to add some POP to a room, to create a touch of elegance? This is a fabulous way. Shadow striping like the photo above or choosing differing colors adds dramatic flair to any room.

Wallpaper Removal:

This is a process that is very difficult to price, as it depends entirely upon how wallpaper was installed in the first place. Some comes off easily, others require a lot of work. Minimum price is $300.

 Staining and Varnishing:

Stairways, book cases, fireplace mantles, baseboard, chair rails, crown molding, front doors and other decorative trim. Every wood type needs to be treated differently, and you can trust the Pros at Cornerstone to make sure the job will be done right the first time.

Pricing varies based opt job size and scope. An in-home assessment will be required.

 Cabinet Refinishing:

One of the fastest and best ways to update any cabinets in your home is to have them painted. This is a very labor intensive process, yet its cost is just a fraction of replacing cabinetry.

This process includes removing hardware and hinges and marking each door. All surfaces will be cleaned to remove any surface contaminants, followed by sanding all doors, drawers and facings and wiping them down. Key to the process is applying a high quality primer that will allow paint to adhere properly as well as block any potential tannin bleed. All edges will be caulked and any imperfections will be repaired. Two coats of a high quality finish coat, like Sherwin-Williams ProClassic or Emerald Urethane will be applied. Once sufficiently dried, doors and drawers will be re- installed along with hardware.

Pricing varies based opt job size and scope. An in-home assessment will be required.