Cost of Interior Painting

At Cornerstone Painting & Drywall, we believe in educating our customers so you can make the best informed decision when choosing us to beautify your home. The following guides will provide a rough idea of how much you may expect to pay for painting the different rooms in your home.

Our pricing includes all of the set-up, prep work, and clean-up necessary to make your project look its best. This includes moving most furniture pieces, putting plastic over all of your belongings, placing drop cloths, rosin paper or carpet protection down to protect your flooring. Included in our pricing is minor patching and caulking. Typical caulking includes any areas where baseboards or door frames have separated. We will also patch any nicks, dings, nail holes and small scratches due to normal wear. Anything outside this scope will be discussed in the estimating process.

*We encourage our customers to remove breakable or valuable items to reduce the rare possibility of any damage on our part.

Interior Painting, small bathroom (6 x 8)
Two coats, walls 192 Sq Feet $300
One coat, ceiling 48 Sq Feet $60
One coat, door and doorframe Per Side $80
One coat, baseboard 25 Linear Feet $30

Small Interior Room, Bedroom, Laundry Room (10 x 12)
Two coats, walls 352 Sq Feet $375
One coat, ceiling 120 Sq Feet $100
One coat, door and doorframe Per Side $40
One coat, baseboard 44 Linear Feet $50

Medium Interior Room, such as Kitchen, Study (12 X 16)
Two coats, walls 450 Sq Feet $500
One coat, ceiling 192 Sq Feet $200
One coat, door and doorframe Per Side $80
One coat each French Door Per Door, Per Side $100
One coat, baseboard, 4” Crown 56 Linear Feet $60 Baseboard, $120 Crown

Large Interior Room (17’ ceiling) (20 x 20)
Two coats, walls 1020 Sq Feet $1250
Coffered Ceiling Two colors, 400 Sq Feet $975
Two coats, Trim Fireplace, baseboards windows $1475
One coat, Trim Fireplace, baseboards, windows $900

*All pricing assumes 8’ ceilings in rooms except the Large Interior Room listed above.

For 10’ high ceilings, add 25% to wall pricing.
For 12’ high ceilings, add 50% to wall pricing.
For 14’ high ceilings, add 75% to wall pricing.