Cost of Exterior Painting

What does it cost to paint the exterior of my home in Indianapolis?

We pride ourselves on making your home get the most out of curb appeal. We are meticulous with prep work and clean-up. Included in the price of painting your home’s exterior is power washing, scraping any loose and flaking paint, sanding as needed, caulking, priming bare wood, followed by two coats of high quality paint, typically Sherwin Williams products. We do not replace rotted wood, but are happy to refer experienced quality carpenters who can complete this step.

The following guidelines provide you with a range of pricing depending on size of house and amount of work necessary.

Trim Project (no siding):

Wood trim including fascia, eaves, gutters, downspouts, porch areas, doors, window trim, and vertical trim boards. Pricing ranges between $1750 and $3000, depending on home size and does not include siding re-paint.

Siding and Trim Project:

Wood trim including fascia, eaves, gutters, downspouts, porch areas, window trim, doors, vertical trim boards, shutters. Siding may include T-111, cedar plank or Hardy plank. Pricing ranges from $2750 to $4750, depending on home size and amount of work needed for a mid-size home. Staining an exterior will be slightly more.

Siding and Trim Project:

Larger homes of 5,000 square foot or more will start at $4500.