Cost of Drywall

What does it cost for drywall repairs in my home?

Cornerstone Painting and Drywall has become a highly sought after provider of drywall services in the Indianapolis northern suburbs. Whether you need simple repairs, or replacement from water damage or installation projects, we are your trusted resource. The following list gives you an idea about how much it will cost to have drywall work done in your home.

When in doubt, call Mud Man!

 Small Patch:

To replace a damaged piece of drywall, blend it into the existing ceiling, and retexture the patch to blend. Cost: $275 (Larger repairs are more.)

Popped Corner Bead Tapes:

Requires removal and replacement. We reinforce board with additional screws and profiling gaps before replacing tapes. Depending on the corner, paper tape or fiberglass tape may be used.
Cost: $25 per linear foot

 Retexturing ceilings:

One of our specialties. A medium-sized room (12 x 15) would cost $300.

Smoothing out textured ceilings:

Cost: $2.50 per square foot

 Full installations:

Bonus rooms, garage finishing and basements are priced following an in-home assessment only.